18thc Turquoise Glazed Dragon Vase

Description: 18thc Turquoise Bottle Vase – The finely potted vase has a spherical body rising to a tall slender neck, delicately incised with two confronted dragon contesting a ‘flaming pearl’, amidst clusters of ruyi clouds & flames above the slightly splayed ring foot, entirely covered in a minutely crackled luminous turquoise glaze.

The turquoise glaze, which owes its colour to copper oxide in an alkaline glaze mix, appears intermittently in ceramics from as early as the Yuan period.

The present example is highly unusual in that it is rendered with an incised design, compared with undecorated turquoise-glazed vases. All the cited Qing examples, including the present vase, all share similar characteristics in the network of fine crackles in the glaze.

Age: 18thc

Size: Approx 29 cm high

Price: £1750

Note: The vase below sold by Christie’s is un-decorated unlike the vase above offered by Irv Graham