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The Rising Value of Period Chinese Shards – Auction Prices

Period Chinese shards have become valuable assets for collectors and investors, with their prices soaring in recent years. These historical porcelain fragments, once overlooked, are now recognized for their unique beauty and cultural significance.

Record Sales

Recent sales highlight the escalating value of these artifacts. A Dragon Shard sold at Bonhams in 2023 for £9,500 (See pic below), while Song Dynasty shards at Christie’s in 2015 fetched $5,000 (See pic below). Most notably, Ru shards sold at Christie’s in 2023 for $95,000 (See pic below). Historical auctions further illustrate this trend, such as the 2012 Sotheby’s sale of a Ming Dynasty Xuande fragment for 15 million yuan and a similar piece fetching 360,000 yuan in 2011.

Dragon Shard Sold At Bonhams In 2023 For £9,500

Unique Appeal and Investment Potential

The intrinsic value of period Chinese shards lies in their ability to provide a tangible connection to the past. They offer unique insights into historical craftsmanship and artistic techniques that intact pieces often cannot. Examining the cross section of a shard reveals layers of material and artisans’ techniques, making shards invaluable for learning and appreciation.

The value of these shards is poised to continue rising due to their finite supply and growing demand. The increasing interest in Chinese art and antiques on a global scale ensures a robust market, with record-breaking sales at prestigious auction houses indicating this upward trend.

In conclusion, period Chinese shards are valuable pieces of history and sound investments. Their unique appeal and historical significance ensure that their value will only rise in the years to come, representing both a connection to ancient artistry and a promising financial opportunity.

Shards Sold At Christie’s In 2015 For $5000

Ru Shards Sold At Christie’s In 2023 For $95,000