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Rare Tiger Ming Kiln Period Shard – Blue & White

Blue and white porcelain from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) represents the zenith of Chinese ceramic craftsmanship. Produced primarily in Jingdezhen’s imperial kilns, these ceramics are renowned for their delicate cobalt blue motifs on a pristine white glaze. While Jingdezhen was the principal center of production, other kilns in regions such as Zhangzhou, Dehua, and Longquan also produced blue and white porcelain, each imbuing their creations with distinctive local styles. Ming blue and white porcelain not only mirrored imperial preferences but also wielded considerable influence on global ceramic traditions, illustrating China’s rich artistic and cultural exchanges during this era.

Kiln/Glaze: Blue And White

Age: Ming Dynasty

Shard Price: £155 + £6 Worldwide Postage | Total £161

Don’t risk being fooled by fake porcelain. Build a shard collection and learn hands-on.

If you’re serious about investing in Chinese porcelain or are a passionate collector, forming a collection of period shards from various kilns and eras is crucial.

While books provide valuable pictures and history, hands-on learning with shards offers unmatched tactile experience. Examining real shards allows close study of glaze, potting, design, pigments, and cross-sections, enhancing understanding of authenticity, craftsmanship, and manufacturing techniques.

Books offer historical context, but shards provide unparalleled hands-on learning opportunities.

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