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Rare Marble Ware Gongyi Kiln Shard – Tang Dynasty

During the Tang dynasty (618–907 AD), marbled wares, or jiao tai, became highly prized for their intricate patterns created by mixing different clays or applying contrasting slips, then glazing them in amber, green, or clear finishes. These ceramics were produced at key sites such as the Gongxian and Gongyi kilns in Henan province. The discovery of marbled artifacts in aristocratic tombs, like that of Princess Yongtai, highlights their cultural significance and the Tang potters’ artistic innovation and technical skill.

Kiln/Glaze: Marble Ware Gongyi Kiln

Age: Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD)

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If you’re serious about investing in Chinese porcelain or are a passionate collector, forming a collection of period shards from various kilns and eras is crucial.

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Books offer historical context, but shards provide unparalleled hands-on learning opportunities.

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