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Rare Jun Kiln Period Shard – Junyao Song Dynasty

The Jun Kiln, renowned for its exquisite pottery, was one of the Five Great Kilns of the Song dynasty. Originating in Junzhou (modern-day Yuzhou City, Henan province), Jun ware production began in the late 11th to early 12th centuries and continued into the Ming dynasty. Jun ware is famous for its vibrant blue and purple glazes, achieved through complex firing techniques using iron and copper colorants. Initially made for both popular markets and the imperial court, Jun ware includes bowls, plates, vases, and flowerpots. The ware’s distinct opalescent glazes and decorative splashes made it highly prized and widely imitated. Despite extensive research and archaeological discoveries, much about Jun ware’s history and production techniques remains the subject of scholarly debate.

Kiln/Glaze: Jun Ware

Age: Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279)

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