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Rare Jian Kiln Period Hare’s Fur Shard Song Dynasty

The “Hare’s Fur” glaze is one of the most famous and sought-after glazes produced by the Jian kiln. The name derives from the glaze’s appearance, which features fine, streaky patterns resembling the fur of a hare. This effect is achieved through a combination of high iron content in the glaze and specific firing conditions. As the bowl is fired, the iron oxide in the glaze melts and flows down the surface, creating the characteristic streaks.

Kiln/Glaze: Jian Ware/Hare’s Fur Glaze

Age: Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279)

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If you’re serious about investing in Chinese porcelain or are a passionate collector, forming a collection of period shards from various kilns and eras is crucial.

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Books offer historical context, but shards provide unparalleled hands-on learning opportunities.

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