Chinese Antique Investment Advisory Service

A little about me (Irv Graham). I am a serial entrepreneur, currently owning and running several successful businesses, including the prestigious baijiu brand V.I.P Jiu 8. However, my true passion has always been Chinese art and history, which I have cultivated over 25 years of self-taught expertise in buying, selling, and collecting Chinese antiques. With an in-depth understanding of the industry, I have become a trusted specialist, guiding investors and collectors in navigating the dynamic Chinese antiques market.

My unwavering enthusiasm drives me to search through thousands of objects every day, always optimistic about finding a rare piece that others have overlooked, which has happened many times over the years. As I pursue my passion for Chinese art and history, I take great pleasure in constantly acquiring new knowledge and expanding my expertise.

As my friends and family witnessed my successful returns on investment, they sought my advice on how to make better and safer investments, particularly in Chinese antiques. Drawing on my experience and knowledge, I handpick pieces that I know will always be highly desired by collectors and dealers, resulting in impressive returns upon resale.

Liu Yiqian drinks tea from the “chicken cup” he paid $36.3 million for.

Protect And Grow Your Wealth

Through word of mouth, my reputation as a trusted advisor grew, and I began assisting friends of friends with their investment strategies. The increasing demand for my services led me to turn my passion into a business. Today, I provide personalized advice to clients from around the world on how to protect and grow their wealth through a tailored approach to investing in Chinese works of art.

Whether clients are starting or expanding their collection, or strategically buying and selling to achieve their financial objectives, I offer expert guidance and insight at every step of their investment journey. Leveraging my extensive experience and deep passion for Chinese antiques, I am dedicated to providing exceptional service, helping clients make informed decisions and achieve their investment goals.

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Join our clientele today and let me help you diversify and secure your investments by leveraging my expertise in Chinese antiques and works of art.

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