Become A Client

To become a client, please contact me to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your investment goals, budget, and preferences. If you become my client and based on the information you provide, I will provide personalized investment advice and recommend specific investment pieces that align with your goals. I work closely with clients throughout the investment process to ensure that their investments are carefully selected and managed to maximize returns over time.

Needs To Know

Recommendation of investment pieces is entirely dependent on the unique circumstances of each client. I take into account personal preferences, lifestyle considerations, and individual taste to create a tailored investment strategy. Our consultations will involve thorough discussions to understand your specific requirements and objectives. I then provide recommendations based on a collaborative approach that incorporates my expertise and your wishes.

Chinese antiques have a strong historical performance, with numerous indices revealing their long-term growth and providing investors with added assurance. The highest prices are found in older period pieces due to limited supply and cultural focus in China. Returns will vary depending on the type of pieces purchased and the holding period.

It is important to note that with the right pieces and a minimum holding period of 5 years, investors can expect to achieve higher returns compared to traditional investments such as stocks, shares, and properties.