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A Rare Cizhou Shard | Song Dynasty

Cizhou ware, produced from the late Tang to early Ming dynasties (9th to 14th centuries AD) in northern China, is celebrated for its durable stoneware and bold decorative techniques. Known for its distinctive black and white designs, Cizhou ceramics flourished during the Song and Yuan periods, showcasing regional artistic freedom and innovation. These ceramics were prized for their expressive motifs and widespread influence in Chinese and international markets, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of northern Chinese ceramic artistry.

Kiln/Glaze: Cizhou Ware/Pillow

Age: Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279)

Shard Price: £185 + £6 Worldwide Postage. Total £191

Don’t risk being fooled by fake porcelain. Build a shard collection and learn hands-on.

If you’re serious about investing in Chinese porcelain or are a passionate collector, forming a collection of period shards from various kilns and eras is crucial.

While books provide valuable pictures and history, hands-on learning with shards offers unmatched tactile experience. Examining real shards allows close study of glaze, potting, design, pigments, and cross-sections, enhancing understanding of authenticity, craftsmanship, and manufacturing techniques.

Books offer historical context, but shards provide unparalleled hands-on learning opportunities.

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