A Large Copper/Bronze Figure Of Maitreya

Description: A large copper/bronze alloy figure of Maitreya, whose name derives from the Sanskrit word ‘maitri’, meaning ‘benevolence’ or ‘loving kindness’, is shown seated here in rajalilasana on a double lotus base with his right arm raised in the fear-allaying gesture of Abhayamudrā “gesture of fearlessness” is a mudrā (gesture) that is the gesture of reassurance and safety, which dispels fear and accords divine protection and bliss in Hinduism, Buddhism and other Indian religions, while the left holds a lotus stem, adorned in jewelry, his face with a benevolent expression and his hair styled in a high chignon. Mounted on a later black wooden base.

Size: Approx 31cm high (Total height with base approx 36cm high)

Age: 19thc

Price: £1250

Condition: Usual wear consummate with age.