A Good Famille Rose Silver Mounted Baragon Tumed Cup

Description: The cup is enameled on the exterior with the Buddhist emblems of the ‘Seven Regal Treasures’, including the Wheel of the Law, Elephant, Horse, Jewel, the Queen, the Minister, and the General, within leaf-shaped panels supported on lotus blossoms above stylized waves and rocks and below a band of tasselled lion-mask lappets, all between bands of shou characters separated by Buddhist emblems, the interior with a single lotus.

The cup is silver mounted and comes in an associated leather traveling case. The base bears a Jingdezhen mark in overglaze iron red.

Note: The leather case appears to be from the 19th century or earlier. It’s possible that the owner of the case commissioned the current cup to fit this case, as the case is obviously early and of very high quality. The cup is also of exceptional quality for its period, with a thickly potted and heavy feel in the hand. The enamels are thickly and finely painted. Both pieces are of very high quality.

Condition: Usual wear consummate with age.

Age: The cup, mid 20th century. The case 19th century or earlier.

Size: The actual cup – Approx 7 cm tall x 11cm wide.

Price: £850